About Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church

At Chattanooga Valley Baptist Church the Lord has led our church to provide ministry “in the Valley” for over 140 years. Our motto is “Loving Jesus and Sharing His Love.”

We enjoy and are blessed by our organized but informal style of worship and we are known in the Valley for producing both blended styles of worship and our unique public presentations within our small rural community. The ministries of our church focus inwardly to the community of faith and also outwardly to our community at large:

  • Goal One - To share the Gospel about Jesus Christ to the people on the planet who are spiritually lost and leading towards an eternal destiny separated from God in hell.
  • Goal Two - To lead people who are Christians to grow towards spiritual maturity.
  • Goal Three - To involve our church membership through ministry towards the spiritually unsaved and towards the Church as ministers to one another.

We exist to:

  • Reach people needing salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Connect people with other people who are living for the Lord.
  • Train people who know the Lord in order to present them as spiritually mature Christians.
  • Involve church members in service opportunities that assist in reaching the lost and toward administering to each other from within the church body.
  • Honor God with lives fully devoted to Him...

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